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Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4

52 episodes · ONA Completed 妖神记 第4季 黑狱篇

Nie Li who went to Abyss Prison Realm met with Sikong Hongyue, someone from the Silver Wing family but Nie Li changed him name to Lei Zhuo and said that he was from the Silverlit family. Then Nie Li meets up with Sikong Yi, the father of Sikong Hongyue, Nie Li Tau if he can’t live much longer because that Nie Li offered a cure to him. Nie Li left Sikong Yi’s territory on the grounds that the Silverlit family had drugs. Outside the region, Nie Li and Duan Jian collaborated to conquer them, and returned to the Silver Wing family area to blow up the inscription, and the imprisoned slaves took the opportunity to flee. The Silver Wing family was hit hard, while Nie Li and his team returned to Glory City. Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4