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Heavenly Flames rankings Battle Through the Heavens

Heavenly Flames rankings:(all heavenly flames in the BTTH world)

1. Emperor Flame. (God of flames)

  • 帝炎 – Emperor Flame
  • Appearance: Multi-colored, Tou She Ancient God
  • Location:
  • User: Tou She Ancient God and later, Xiao Yan who receives the direct inheritance from Tou She.
  • Ability: The flame formed by the fusion of 22 different kinds of Heavenly Flames is called Emperor Flame. Regardless of the original ranking of the Heavenly Flame, as long as it devours the other 21 kinds of Heavenly Flames, it becomes the rank 1 Emperor Flame.

2. Nihility Devouring Flame (Black Eternal Swallowing flame)

  • 虚无吞炎 – Nihility Devouring Flame (WuxiaWorld) / Ethereal Swallowing Flame (Manhua) / Void Swallowing Flame (Lit. translation)
  • Appearance: A man dressed in black covered in runes with pure black eyes that have no sclera.
  • Location: Hun Clan
  • User: Hun Mie Sheng (Spirit Hall Master) (seed flame) , Hun Huzi (seed flame) (earth), Xiao Yan
  • Ability: This flame also known as the Nihility Devouring Flame was born in nothingness, and has no appearance to be seen and no form to be grasped. This Ethereal Swallowing Flame is highly mysterious, and is said to be able to devour the heavens and the skies, and possess the ability to swallow all things. There are only a few things in existence that can resist its ravenous devouring.
  • Note: This flame formed a Fire Spirit and is capable of fighting the clan head of the Gu Clan, Gu Yuan. It is strong enough to swallow an entire realm created by a Dou Sheng and defeat the soul fragment of the Yao Clan Dou Di.

3. Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame

  • 净莲妖火 – Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame (WuxiaWorld) / Pure Lotus Demon Flame (Lit. Translation)
  • Appearance:
    • Milky White (Original source is pink)
    • A white-robed figure was seated at that spot. Wisps of a cream-white flames lingered around him, morphing into various shapes.
    • Little Yi, baby-like appearance
  • Location: Demonic Flame Realm
  • User: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint ► Xiao Yan(1523)
  • Abilities:
    • Nightmare Heavenly Fog
    • Fire Slave
    • Burns you when you feel emotions under the illusion.
  • Note: The first flame they encountered became a Fire Spirit that was sealed by the previous holder and was very aggressive towards everyone. The fire spirit gained the techniques of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint and is able to use Dou Techniques and formations.

4. Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame

  • 金帝焚天炎 – Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame
  • Appearance: Golden
  • Location: Gu Clan (Gu Xun Er’s clan, one of the Eight Ancient Clans)
  • User: Xiao Xun Er (1106) ► Xiao Yan
  • Ability: Though not as mysterious as the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, it still has quite the reputation, for this flame is passed down through generations within the Gu Clan, and very few people have the ability to control it. The Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame is able to even incinerate Dou Qi. Legends say that the first user of this flame, when unleashing its power, was able to instantly burn down a spatial realm made by a Dou Sheng.

5. Life Spirit Flame

  • 生灵之焱 – Life Spirit Flame
  • Appearance: Green
  • Location:
  • User: Tuo She Gu Di ► Shen Nong (1567) ► Xiao Yan
  • Ability: This flame is highly strange, for most Heavenly Flames are pervaded with the power of destruction, but the Life Spirit Flame, instead of displaying destructiveness, is instead famous for its power of life. The steam produced by this flame helps to accelerate the growth of magical herbs, and it is said that if one tosses some seeds into this flame, those seeds would quickly germinate and grow. In other words, with this flame, one would no longer need to search for any herbs, and would be able to get boundless amounts of ingredients with just seeds.
    • This Life Spirit Flame is also known as the Flame of Longevity for any person who obtains this flame would get a lifespan comparable to that of those beasts which are famous for their long lifespan. The only flaw of this flame is that this flame is not very suitable for combat, thus it does little to increment one’s battle strength.

6. Eight Wasteland Destruction Flame
7. Nine Serene Golden Ancestor Flame
8. Red Lotus Ye Flame
9. Three Thousand Burning Flame
10. Nine Serene Wind Flame
11. Bone Chilling Flame
12. Nine Dragon Lightning Flame
13. Turtle Spirit Earthly Flame
14. Fallen Heart Flame
15. Sea Heart Flame
16. Flaming Cloud Water Flame
17. Fire Mountain Rock Flame
18. Wind and Thunder Fury Flame
19. Green Lotus Core Flame
20. Ghostly Poison Flame
21. Yin-Yang Twin Flame
22. Ten Thousand Beast Flame
23. Mysterious Yellow Flame

Source : btth fandom